Designer Clip On Sunglasses

Designer Clip On Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses can have an anti-glare coating which can prevent the sun from reflecting on the lens. It is less expensive to buy many different colours of clip-on frames than different pairs of sunglasses.

Clip-ons are undoubtedly functional, if you need prescription glasses, you won’t have to get prescription lenses done twice. You can have eyeglasses and sunglasses with you always. Frames are now made with high quality, more advanced materials, and therefore you won’t have to face any “lenses smashing on the floor” problems if you drop them by accident.

Our clip on sunglasses are thin and flexible and most of them can be trimmed to size. The clips on most of these are invisible, so will look just like normal sunglasses when attached.

How to Measure for Clip-On Frames

The first step in choosing the correct clip-on frames is to compare the style of clip-on frames to the frames of the prescription sunglasses. Choose the nearest in style so that the clip-on frames will cover the entire prescription sunglasses frame. Measure the width of the glasses. Ensure that the glasses are measured in the middle. If the clip-on sunglasses are not available in the same size as the prescription glasses, it is important to make sure they are slightly larger. This ensures that the eyes are completely protected from the sun. Not all clip-on sunglasses are measured in inches; some are simply classed as small, medium and large.